Art Submission

Are you feeling compelled to conjure some art based on an episode of Full Body Chills? Do you already possess a creep creation that may send shivers down our spines? Then gather ‘round and listen close….

Full Body Chills is currently accepting eerie art submissions!

Submission Guidelines:

In order for your art to be considered for sharing/ posting by Full Body Chills:

  • You must be 18+ years old
  • You must be the sole creator of the submitted content
  • The artwork must be submitted digitally (this can be a scanned image of a physical piece of art or a digital art file)
  • You agree to the possibility that your artwork may be shared on Full Body Chills platforms such as the Full Body Chills website and social media accounts. (You will have the opportunity during the submission process to include your social handles and consent to being credited for your work should we choose to post it)