Season Two

handwritten note


Dear son, You cannot come. I know the last time we talked over the phone, you discussed coming back to spend time with me before I “went away,” as you so awkwardly placed it.

Old Inn

Room For Rent

A BITTER COLD blasted its way through the Northeast United States. The snow, already two inches thick became iced over and glazed to a slick, reflective surface.

record player

Vinyl Words

Much like the details of his life, the cause and manner of John’s grandfather’s death had been a matter of much secrecy and speculation.

Cliff over water with a tree

The Jumps

I look down at my watch and see it’s just about to turn 1:00 am. Shoot, I think to myself. I need to get home. My mom is literally going to disown me.

human brain in a jar

The Snake

He didn’t want to. He never did. He had to, regardless of what he wanted. It was like something else took over his body when he wasn’t looking. It was sneaky, elusive.

Full Body Chills - Season 2 - Radio Hell_Radio Hell_Radio Hell

Radio Hell

Hey there. The name’s Lauren and thanks for tuning in. This… is a story about me. Viewer discretion advised, this isn’t going to be a happy story…